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Products & Services

All our products can be powdercoated to almost any colour required. We offer a number of options for rails, gates and fencing including :

Balustrades - Our balustrades can be custom made to suit our customers individual needs of style. We can offer several different options in balustrading including Vertical and Horizontal Bar Balustrading (Aluminium), Glass Balustrading & Stainless Steel Balustrading.

Fencing - Our fencing is custom made to suit our customer's requirements. We offer pool, security and boundary fencing, all can be made to suit glass, vertical or horizontal bar balustrading. Aluminium, Glass, Semi Frameless Glass or Prefabricated Fencing available.

Disability Rails - We customise our disabled rails to meet all Australian Standards. We also offer a range of grab rails, side fix rails, guard rails, and foot rails.

Driveway Gates - Our Driveway gates can be made to suit either manual operations or motorised with remote controlled to enchance your security. Driveway gates can be either sliding or swinging.

Pedestrian Gates - Our gates are custom made to suit balustrading, glass or decorative panels. We have a variety of locks and hinges to suit all needs. Our gates can be fitted with security devices to allow only authorised access.

Privacy and Decorative Screens - Custom made to suit your requirements whether for privacy or decorative. They can be made to fit between piers or free standing.